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Acquired in 2023, Approved Machining is spearheaded by leaders in the precision machining industry who care deeply about the way machined parts are designed, manufactured, and delivered to support product developers and custom part buyers across the county. We leverage technology and a specialized workforce to get parts quoted, machined, and delivered faster than anyone.

What's special about Approved Machining:

We believe in innovation. Our team is the key ingredient to our success and we encourage new ideas and processes.

We believe in training our team so they feel good about themselves and make a real impact on the success of the company.

We believe in our customers. We are proud to support Product Developers across the country bring their new ideas and products to life.

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Company News:

The Approved Machining Team

Nick Mercier

Nick Mercier


Kyle Bruce

Estimator & Program Manager
Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 11.34.38 AM

Martin Quigley

VP and General Manager
Steve. Lynch

Steve Lynch

Head of Technology

Tiffany Finigan

Machining Manager
Matt Sordillo

Matt Sordillo

Head of Marketing

PJ Swett

Senior Machining Advisor
Headshot Bobby

Bobby Brouder

Production Control Manager

Kassandra Vezina

Quality Specialist
Don Winn

Don Winn

Regional Sales Manager
Janice Mariano

Janice Mariano

Regional Sales Manager
Dawn Melvin

Dawn Melvin

Customer Advocate
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