Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Serving Product Developers who need prototype parts fast from a sheet metal fabricator, no excuses.

Introducing our sister company, Approved Sheet Metal, a dedicated precision sheet metal fabrication facility located across from our cutting edge machine shop.


Prototype sheet metal parts on your dock in just days. Hand sketches, detailed prints, and CAD models, we take it all. Turn your idea into physical precision fabricated sheet metal parts. We understand how important it is to hit that deadline and we are committed to supporting your journey from design to parts. We are sheet metal prototyping experts who get it.

30+ years of experience, 25,000+ sq. feet of precision sheet metal manufacturing space, state-of-the-art processes & equipment. From quoting to programming to punching, forming, hardware insertion, welding, finishing, and inspection. We treat every job with a sense of urgency because we know that you are in a race to get to the market first.

Fast Quotes, Expedited Shipping - We Love Quantity 1!

For product developers and buyers of custom sheet metal parts that need a high level of precision and require consistent on-time delivery.

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