Low Volume Production Precision Machining

Our Sweet Spot is Bridging Production Quantities up to 5,000.

Low Volume Production Machined Parts On Demand.

Fabricating low-volume production precision machining quantities is a sweet spot for our shop. Whether you need a bridge to high production or just small scheduled batches of parts shipped over time, you can count on us to build and deliver parts to your schedule.

Refine with Approved Machining

Need a REV change? Is a customer-requested feature critical to your product's long-term success? No Problem, we are easy to work with and flexible enough in our processes that mid-production REV changes will not deter us from shipping parts on time.

Build-to-Order Precision Machining

Whether you need 1 large assembly a quarter or a batch of 500 parts every 6 months, don’t take up valuable space on your end to inventory product, we will build your low-volume production parts to order.

custom machined motor mounts
Custom Precision Machining

Industries Served

Aerospace  |  Automotive  |  Communications  |  Electronics  |  Instrumentation  |  Medical  |  Robotics


Prototype machined parts that require anodizing are routine for us. We leverage long-standing relationships with local suppliers for other common and special coatings for your machined parts.

  • Standard Raw Finish Options
  • Powder Coating & Silk Screening
  • Anodize & Chromate

Common CNC Machining Materials


Stainless Steel


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