Precision Prototype Machining Services

Serving Product Developers who need prototype parts fast from their machine shop, no excuses.

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Prototype Machine Shop - Expedites ALWAYS Available

Prototype machined parts on your dock in just days. Hand sketches, detailed prints, and CAD models, we take it all. Turn your idea into physical precision machined parts. We understand how important it is to hit that deadline and we are committed to supporting your journey from design to part. We are prototype machining experts who get it.

30+ years of experience, 25,000+ sq. feet of precision CNC machining space, state-of-the-art processes & equipment. From quoting to programming to machining, welding, finishing, and inspection. We treat every job with a sense of urgency because we know that you are in a race to get to the market first.

We WILL excel at machining your prototype parts. When you are ready to scale to low-volume production we are here to get to work for you. We have equipment that is dedicated to running larger volume jobs, this means that we can meet prototyping and production machining requirements simultaneously.

Custom Precision Machining

Industries Served

Aerospace  |  Automotive  |  Communications  |  Electronics  |  Instrumentation  |  Medical  |   Robotics


Prototype machined parts that require anodizing are routine for us. We leverage long-standing relationships with local suppliers for other common and special coatings for your machined parts.

  • Standard Raw Finish Options
  • Powder Coating & Silk Screening
  • Anodize & Chromate

Common CNC Machining Materials


Stainless Steel


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