Color Anodized Machined Parts

Color Anodized Custom Machined Parts

When you color anodize a machined part it adds a thicker, oxide layer over the aluminum to protect it from rust and wear. Anodizing not only protects aluminum alloys from weather and the elements, it can also provide electrical insulation. It’s especially important for parts that are routinely or constantly submerged in water.

When you anodize, you also get a better-looking product: it gives aluminum a smoother, scratch-free surface with no nicks or bumps.

At Approved Machining, we make great parts, but we like to have a little fun, too. And what better way to dress up your next project than with color-anodizing? The oxide layer created during anodization is porous, which allows for the introduction of color. For you creative types out there, that means aluminum parts can be more exciting than your standard metal, black, or clear finishes.

Images Courtesy of US Specialty Color Corporation

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