Custom Machined Motor Mounts

Quick turn prototype and low volume custom machined motor mounts

Prototype machined motor mounts (including engine mounts) are typically machined from billets or extruded profiles. We machine motor mounts in two popular materials: aluminum and carbon steel. We will deliver your custom machined motor mount to fit your 3D CAD data and specs submitted through our Part Upload Form. Request for Quotes for motor mounts are generally returned within 24 hours, standard lead time for raw parts is 10 days.


  • Simple to complex manufacturing
  • Custom or prototype motor mounts
  • Resilient mounts
  • Plating options include anodizing and chromating
  • Small face mount
  • Large rigid mount

Approved Machining specializes in prototype and low-volume production machined parts for various industries including automotive, electronics, government, medical, renewable energy, power conversion, telecommunication, and security industries, and others that require prototype machined motor mounts.

custom machined motor mounts
Custom CNC Machined Brackets - custom machined motor mounts - Custom CNC Machined Linkages

Common CNC Machining Materials


Stainless Steel


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